Four Enthralling Days of Inner Harmony & Majestic Views

Our festival offers a holistic experience beyond mere yoga and meditation. It delves deep into spirituality, emotional intelligence, eco-consciousness, and social awareness, blending Nepal’s ancient traditions with comprehensive wellness practices. Our rich program features global presenters and artists, creating a harmonious environment and offering diverse workshops for inner peace cultivation.


More Than Just a Yoga Festival

Our participants will be able to engage with a vibrant global community, uniting people from different corners of the world who share a passion for wellness and cultural exploration. We are gathering like-minded individuals who are creating a unique learning, sharing, and growth atmosphere.

Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to connect deeply with the rich culture of Nepal. Our festival is designed to showcase the beauty of Nepalese spiritual traditions and weave these cultural elements seamlessly into the event’s very essence. We hope our festival will be able to enrich the experience, allowing participants to gain a more profound appreciation and understanding of Nepal’s heritage and way of life. 

Furthermore, the festival is not just a retreat for personal growth; it’s a platform for social impact. Proceeds from the festival are dedicated to local community initiatives, including support for orphanages, planting trees and other vital projects.


Our Nepal Yoga Festival will take place at a family-founded resort deeply rooted in the principles of Purna. In Sanskrit, “Purna” translates to “complete” or “whole”

Our serene venue is nestled within a mountain village, surrounded by water streams and lush greenery creating a peaceful environment for Yoga Spiritual growth and Community gathering.

Our Purna center holds a peaceful & rejuvenating environment, creating an ideal setting for yoga, spiritual growth, and community learning. This venue symbolizes the family’s vision of a harmonious space for communal learning and exploration.

Purna Retreat Centre
twilight with boats on Phewa lake, Pokhara, Nepal

Nepal Yoga festival will take place in Pokhara, nestled along the serene Phewa Lake and framed by the majestic Annapurna mountains.


Our Nepal Yoga Festival is dedicated to assembling a diverse array of both Nepalese and international instructors for our special annual event. Our selection emphasizes authenticity, expertise, and approachability, ensuring a fun and varied program representing a rich tapestry of styles and traditions. We seek teachers who embody our mission to unlock new levels of heart-opening experiences, enriching your journey through yoga and overall wellness with each session.


Our festival features a fusion of soul artists that have a carefully curated selections of sacred chants and heart-warming music, each piece chosen to nurture both body, mind and spirit.

This fusion of soothing sounds and yoga creates an environment that encourages peace, connection, and upliftment. Immerse yourself in this harmonious journey, enriching your practice and sense of well-being.



In Nepal, ‘Namaste’ is more than a greeting; it’s a symbol of respect and spiritual connection.

This Sanskrit term, meaning ‘I bow to you’, is a heartfelt acknowledgment of the divine in every individual. Accompanied by the gesture of pressing hands together at the heart, it encapsulates the essence of yoga—recognizing and honoring the interconnectedness of all life. At our festival, ‘Namaste’ serves as a reminder of our shared journey towards mindfulness and unity.

Welcome to the Nepal Yoga Festival, where each greeting of ‘Namaste’ deepens our collective bond.