Dasa Das

Alan Alcid

Founder of AAUM Yoga Adventure, Yoga Teacher  

Website: https://alanalcid.com


Dasa Das is an experienced yoga teacher known for his unique teaching style and deep spiritual connection with students. He founded AAUM Yoga Adventure, offering a holistic approach to yoga, travel, and self-discovery.

With a passion for life and service, he blends teachings from various yoga traditions to create engaging and transformative classes. His focus on breath highlights its importance in our overall well-being and energy management. Through expeditions, pilgrimages, and retreats worldwide, he fosters community and personal growth.

With calmness and poise, through dance and inner flow, Dasa das gracefully maneuvers through life’s challenges.

Dasa Das is dedicated to his practice and inspires others to deepen their own spiritual journey.
Join Dasa Das journey and adventure at www.alanalcid.com