Our mission is to expand, evolve, and uplift human consciousness through  yoga, health & wellness and spiritual experience.

Never End Peace And Love

As first ever International Nepal Yoga Festival we envision to bring together a global community to celebrate common practice of mindfullness & Spiritual practice for transformational experience.


The Nepal Yoga Festival began with Lata Tulachan, a yoga instructor and entrepreneur who merged her international business experience with her Nepalese heritage. She aimed to create a yoga festival that reflected Nepal’s culture.

Manohar Shrestha, rooted in yoga tradition, brought his innovative Yoga Trekking experience and the Purna Wellness Retreat Resort into the mix, providing a solid base for the festival.

Adding to the festival’s depth, Manose Singh, celebrated as Nepal’s foremost Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist and composer, provided an enriching musical dimension by bringing his soulful sacred music to the yoga experience.

Finally, digital marketer Shweta Sherchan joined to strengthen the festival’s digital presence.

Their combined efforts are contributing to the planning of an inaugural Nepal Yoga Festival, which aims to offer a blend of yoga, wellness, music, and Nepalese culture.