Nepal Yoga Festival Organizer, Lata

Lata Tulachan

Representing the heart of Nepal, she carries with her an extensive entrepreneurial background spanning 13 years in California’s retail space via, and 7 years curating in private luxury travel. Beyond her business ventures, she’s a certified yoga instructor with a unique specialization in Shamanic-Planetarium sound healing.

Lata’s passion has led her to numerous yoga festivals across the USA, and has absorbed their transformative essence. With the insights and bonds formed over the years, Lata now envisions introducing the magic of these festivals to her homeland, intertwining the global spirit of Yoga with Nepal’s rich culture.


A native and proud resident of Nepal, is deeply rooted in the yoga realm, with over 18 years of dedicated practice supported by training from India’s prestigious institutions. From a young age, Manohar and his family have been living embodiments of the yogic example, striving to infuse the Sanskrit meaning of “Purna” – living in completeness or fullness – into every facet of their lives. His innovative spirit led the pioneering integration of yoga and meditation in Nepal’s famed trekking adventures in 2008. This transformative approach not only reshaped Nepal’s trekking experiences, offering a harmonious blend of physical activity and spiritual serenity, but also paved the way for other trekking companies to offer these unique experiences.

An esteemed figure in the local community, Manohar has also played a significant role in the Nepal Yoga Festival, contributing his expertise and passion for yoga.

Nepal Yoga Festival Organizer Manohar
Nepal Yoga Festival Musician - Manose


Celebrated as Nepal’s foremost Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist and composer, has captivated international audiences for more than two decades. His music, known for its healing properties, has won the hearts of millions globally.

Amidst the COVID pandemic, his 111 days of continuous free meditations on social media provided a much-needed refuge for countless individuals. Further extending his support to holistic healing and cultural unity, Manose will infuse the Nepal Yoga Festival with his musical genius, personally curating an immersive sound experience that promises to be an integral highlight of the event.

Shweta Sherchan

Shweta Sherchan stands as a testament to the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of Nepal. A native Nepali, she is not only a trailblazer in the Digital Marketing sphere but also a female entrepreneur who has forged her path since 2016.

She is an educator and mentor, Shweta has meticulously crafted and delivered eight distinct courses, nurturing the skills of more than 2,000 students, professionals, and business owners. Her commitment to growth and learning extends into her involvement with the Nepal Yoga Festival, where she integrates her Digital Marketing prowess to amplify the event’s reach and success, further showcasing her dedication to her craft and her country’s cultural heritage.