Founder of Sound Planetarium Academy



Peter Effenberger (68), visionary founder of SoundPlanetarium Academy and bio-dynamic farmer agronomist, expanded his activity into energy work,  establishing the Academy in 2008. An early Bioneer in Nepal’s ecological
movement, Peter passionately supports small farmers through sustainable
practices and certifications. On The Land of The Medicine Buddha, his farm, fair working conditions and environmental responsibility prevail, producing organic teas and the world’s only organic certified incenses.

As a leader in Sound Therapy, Peter blends ancient wisdom and modern insights.

Trained at the SoundPlanetarium Academy, his holistic approach targets universal rhythms, guiding practitioners to reconnect with cosmic forces. Courses, influenced by Steiner and Paracelsus philosophies, provide a profound understanding of sound therapy, empowering practitioners for enriched and balanced lives.

The SoundPlanetarium technique is a holistic journey encompassing physical, energetic, and mental dimensions, shaping a profound cosmic resonance.