Minka Hauschild- Nepal Yoga Festival 2024

Minka Hauschild

Artist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher 

Contact: 01746222145
Website: https://www.minka-hauschild.de


Minka Hauschild (62) lives as an artist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher between Nepal, Tibet, India and Germany. She is specialized on Buddhist Pilgrimages at the places of origin. For several years she lived in Nepal. In 2021 she founded the NGO Sukha e.V. Help for India and Nepal. The NGO supports local NGO’s such as the Tibetan organization Metta hope and challenge, the Nepal Buddhist Lotus Nun Organization, the Women’s Foundation of Nepal and is involved in the support of other projects in the Mountains.

She travels twice a year with travel Groups from Germany to give an experience of Trekking, Religion and the rich culture to Nepal.

Dedicated to the profound practices of Yoga and Buddhist meditation she walk her talk.

In the Nepal Yoga festival she will provide a journey to our inner organs to keep them in a good health. For this we have to make our inner body permeable trough Asana and Pranayama. In the Tao Yoga tradition of Mantak Chia we find the healing sounds. Every texture is resonating to a specific sound. This sound is going to distress and clean the texture of our inner organs and balancing and strengthening the element.

  • Lung and large intestine belongs to the metal element, 
  • kidney and bladder belongs to the water element, 
  • liver and gallbladder belongs to the wood element, 
  • hard and small intestine belongs to the fire element 
  • spleen and stomach belongs to the earth element

Going deeper into this process, the sound will be generated out of the organ itself. In combination with visualization techniques we find a deep balancing process of our elements, the vegetative nervous system and a healthy flow of our inner organs.