Ray Maor

Master Breatharian Teacher & Life Coach.

Website: https://raymaor.com

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Ray is a spiritual guide that is committed to bringing the self-empowering, healing, and spiritual development knowledge to all that is in search for a higher understanding of our reality and our divine selves.

My breatharian journey started back in 2012 when I decided to go through 21 day initiation process. Today, I practice Pranic Living lifestyle with eating  only occasionally. Since there is a lot of debate about breatharianism and eating today, I created videos Breatharian FAQ – Part 1 and Breatharian – FAQ Part 2 to answer the most commonly asked questions about what it means to be a breatharian.

I also talk a lot about fasting and detoxing your body and cover topics of self-mastery, happiness and expanding your consciousness for all of you who hear the calling to start Pranic Living lifestyle