Stone sculpture is an incredible art form in Nepal. Nepal boasts some of the most beautiful stone sculptures, and the ancient settlements within Kathmandu Valley offer a magnificent display of this art form. The medieval temples and durbar squares of Kathmandu serve as an open museum, showcasing exquisite stone-carved idols of gods, kings, and mythical creatures.

These stone figures are commonly found over temples and shrines in the forms of nags (serpents), garuda (a mythical bird), lions, oxen, and others. Stone sculpting has historically been a profession that is passed down from father to son in Nepal. For stone sculptors, like numerous other forms of traditional art it is genrational skill passed down from one generation to another.

Today contemporary stone sculpting does not have rigid guidelines and is generally abstract and experimental in nature. You can experience & learn from stone carving from professional artist at our festival.


Making Prayer Flags has always been a social event in Bon and Buddhist communities In Tibet.The native people made their own flags to honor the nature gods of Bon. They used colors of the five elements: blue for sky or space; white for air or clouds; red for fire; green for water and yellow for earth. They hung the flags over mountain passes and rivers to benefit all who would pass underneath.

The Wind Horse (Lung-ta) carrying the “Wish Fulfilling Jewel of Enlightenment” is the most prevalent symbol used on prayer flags. It represents good fortune. It signifies the uplifting life force energies and opportunities that make things go well. When one’s lungta is low, obstacles constantly arise. When lungta is high, good opportunities abound. Raising Wind Horse prayer flags is one of the best ways to raise one’s lungta energy.

The other main symbols that appear on the Prayer Flags are The Four Dignities, or the four animals. They are the Garuda, Dragon, Snow Lion and Tiger and are seen in the corners of many Tibetan prayer flags, often accompanying the Wind Horse. They represent the qualities and attitudes necessary for development on the spiritual path to enlightenment which include awareness, vast vision, confidence, joy, humility and power. Along with these symbols, the three essential heart mantras and the mantras of the five elements are printed on the Prayer Flags in order to benefit all beings.

Put your intention to a prayer flag & weave in with other members & learn from Nepali artist at the festival.


Wood carving is an ancient art form that has been practiced for centuries in Nepal. It is a unique craft that has been passed down from generation to generation and is still highly valued today.

Nepal boasts a long-standing tradition of wood carving, where artisans utilize tools like chisels, knives, and gauges to sculpt intricate artworks and sculptures from wood. The country’s rich cultural heritage is reflected in the exquisite masterpieces crafted by skilled Nepali wood carvers, with the medieval Durbar Squares and temples of Kathmandu Valley displaying some of the finest examples of wooden artistry.

Enjoy the wood carving workshop at NYF  & take home beautifully carved Pens & soveneir item for your loved ones.